IoT R&D | Utilize all available resources

Solutions that are possible only because we are knowledgeable in not only software technology but also hardware development.

We support from technical proposal to realization of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Linkage with Things and Mobile Applications

Mobile app sets the behavior of Things according to your personal life that you can design your life.

For example,

  • Register a schedule and automatically controls electronic equipments such as air conditioners or light according to the visitor’s arrival time or scheduled time.
  • Control the appropriate time for bath making, air conditioning in accordance with the time to come home.
  • Helps to select the preferred drink by measuring and converting the popular drinks of installed drink dispensers.

Hospitality from the Things that makes Life more convenient and comfortable

We make Things provide services to human beings in accordance with natural human life behavior.
For example,

  • When someone left behind something like a smartphone, wallet etc. the entrance will inform him or her and prevent from leaving behind.
  • In conjunction with the healthcare device, it controls air conditioner to adjust the temperature suitable for the people on the spot.

※The above mentioned cases are just examples of the idea, not our actual implementation cases.