We supply One-Stop solution to develop products or services by figuring out each client's goal accurately.We provide total support including planning, proposal, design, research and development.

■ Solution

By unique strengths of Logix Square, we solve clients' issues such as the following,

Want to keep a good balance between Design and Development in high level.

Want an idea to make a product to be not only 'useful' but also 'want to use' for all users.

"We could realize what we wanted, but it didn't get to user's heart and we couldn't get the result we had aimed."

" Not only developing, we want a partner who can be involved in the project with an eye to the results."

Want to create something new taking in cutting-edge technologies or trends in such genres as VR / AR / MR, AI (artificial intelligence), IoT, Apps, etc.

"On starting a new development planning or R&B(Research & Development) , We want a professional partner to consult and to proceed together from the early begining of the project."

■ Skills

App / Web

We develop Web, Mobile applications or other systems on device-free. We create excellent products under the development of well experienced engineering experts and UIUX design.

VR / AR / MR

Based on the results of content planning and development using the Cutting-Edge 3D technology such as VR (Virtual Reality) and Hololens, we are willing to support clients/customers to be successful together.


We support development of tools integrating AI(Artificial Intelligence) technology such as machine learning , deep learning, analysis of images/data and data utilization.


We support the clients' business needing for innovation such as R&D for IoT (Internet of Things) , prototyping and demonstrations for exhibitions.

Education Activities / Tools

In response to the growing demand for IT technology and Programming education, we are developing and providing education activities and materials for better education in both Japan and overseas.

Overseas Expansion Support

We support companies for overseas expansion. We have supported companies in US, Korea, etc. to expand into Japan to date.