Research and Development for App using Hololens or Contents Production

Wide range of support for Hololens development including data communication between Hololens/MR device and external terminals as well as hardware linkage with Arduino.


We have deep exprerience in development of Hololens application such as demonstration apps for display.

We are actively working on unique in-house R&D as well as development in whole project required from clients.
We support wide range of development for more interactive solutinos or contents such as demonstration apps utilizing Hololens by communicating with external terminals or linking Hololends with other hardwares.
We also support clients in plannig PR production or monetization together.
Please feel free to contact us if you are thinking about wheater to adopt Hololens in your project because It is one of our flagship development genres.

▼The scene of Hololens contents development

Hololens Development Environment ・Unity2017




We have other enviromental necessities other than above as necessary.