Programming Education Robot for Children

“Kamibot (Kamibot)” is a “Fun-to-Learn” programming education robot for children aged around 6 to 12 years old.

The dedicated application not only allows you to operate the robot, but it is also possible to program various robot operations so that we can learn programming while having fun.
The name “Kamibot” comes from “Paper (Kami)” and “Robot“. We have developed Kamibot with the concept that allows children to play with papercraft attached on a robot.



Configuration / Specification of Kamibot


Battery Rechargeable Li-Po / 3.7V 1600mA
Charging Time 120 minutes
Operating Time 120 minutes
Sensor Ultrasonic distance sensor, Infrared sensor x 5
LED RGB LED (4 pieces)
Communication Method Bluetooth 4.0(BLE)
Motor DC motor (2 pieces), servo motor (1 piece)

Kamibot App

The following applications can be downloaded and used for Kamibot as needed . (※ The screen or function of the app may be changed as the version is upgraded)

1.Controller Application (Kamibot Controller)

It is an application that can be connected by Bluetooth and can control all functions of Kamibot freely.

■ Android version
Download from Google Play (free)

■ iOS version
Downloadfrom the App Store (free)


2.Kami Card App (KamiCard)

Using cards with symbols designed for children of age that can not read letters makes Kamibot work.
By playing with Kamibot while running it with the dedicated App, they can learn the basics of programming, such as Sequence, Repetition, Selection, etc. naturally.

■ Android version
Download from Google Play (free)

■ iOS version
Download from the App Store (free)


3.Kami Block App (KamiBlock)

It is a programming application using “Block” form like “Scratch” which is a Programming-Learning language developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States.
By using the App, it enables to program by “Drag and Drop” and control Kamibot freely.

■ Android version
Download from Google Play (free)

■ iOS version
Download from the App Store (free)


4.Kami Block for PC (KamiBlock)

It’s a KamiBlock for PC.
All the functions/features of Scratch, a programming language developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States are usable, and we added original functions/features of “Kamibot”.

■ Download from Kamibot official website (free)


Kamibot Official Website



Introduction of Kamibot Developer

Kamibot was made by Korean Company 3.14. Co., Ltd.
3.14. Co., Ltd. is good at robot development using open source technology.
We have developed a robot for children to acquire programming skills while having fun.
In order to incorporate Kamibot into programming education in Japan, we are developing contents for programming learning for children in collaboration with 3.14.


How to Buy

Launched on May 15, 2017! !

Kamibot (Kamibot) has been released from May 15, 2017.


Kamibot Basic Set

Price 27,480 yen (tax included)
Shipping Charge Not included
Contents ・ One Kamibot ×1
・ Cat character Paper Craft ×1
・ Tank Character Paper Craft ×1
・ Treasure Search Basic Map ×1
・ Line Tracer Basic Map ×1
App Downloadable for free.

We are planning to hold a workshop in the future.
We accept inquiries about this product, so please feel free to contact us.