Trace log analysis application for automotive ECUs that require hard real-time

Execution time analysis in multitasking OS ・ CPU utilization analysis

This application is a tool to support the measurement of narrow real-time performance.

・Grasp the fluctuation time of execution of tasks and interrupts.
・Grasp the fluctuation time of execution that affects the fluctuation of unit execution of tasks and interrupts.
・Periodical execution time fluctuation
・Execution time fluctuation when using real time schedule method by Cyclic executive
・Aggregation interval fluctuation under the same condition

What can be done with this application (basic)

・Check trace log
・Check statistical results table
・Check trends of statistical results with graph
・Check variation over time
・Check variation in execution time
・Check CPU usage rate

Application Examples

・Analysis of execution condition
・Analysis of time related to firing
・Analysis of execution path
・Comparison of multiple dump traces with different measurement conditions

Type Desktop Application
Supporing OS Windows XP Professional SP3

Windows Vista Business SP2

Windows 7 Professional SP1